Kiwi Pollen are passionate about assisting growers to achieve their ultimate pollination - maximising fruit size, Dry Matter and ultimately Orchard Gate Returns. We do this through providing kiwifruit growers with the best tools and professional advice available.

Kiwi Pollen was first established by a group including it’s current Directors Jill Hamlyn and Graeme Crawshaw in 1989. Being local Kiwifruit growers themselves, they had identified that there was real need in New Zealand for good quality pollination. 34 years on Kiwi Pollen is still helping growers achieve the best crop possible and to continue to be competitive on the world market.

As a company of innovation, Kiwi Pollen is constantly working on research and development which will advance artificial pollination practises and complement current technology.

Since Kiwi Pollen's inception, the PollenAid® technology has continued to be used and developed. PollenAid® was developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in New Zealand, for the collection and wet spraying of kiwifruit pollen to maximise kiwifruit pollination.

At Kiwi Pollen, we are committed to developing new methods that complement the PollenAid® process. Our continuing research means that we offer complete pollination.

What do we offer?

  • Quality male pollen at competitive prices
  • Wet and dry pollen application systems for every weather contingency
  • PollenAid® technology (for use with wet application systems) for both certified organic and conventional growers