KiwiPollen Duster Operating Instructions

Assembly of Dispenser Unit

1. Screw the reservoir bottle into the dispenser, it should take approximately one turn until a snug fit is obtained.
2. Fit tube to blower motor as per factory instructions.

A straight and a curved delivery tube have been supplied. The short straight nozzle gives a wider spread of pollen while the long curved nozzle gives a narrower distribution.

Operation of the Duster

The pollen dispenser has a variable speed controller with three marked settings (Lo, Medium, Hi):

  • Pure pollen should be applied at the "Lo" to "Med" position.

Follow the blower manufacturer instructions for starting and general operation.
After use, clean the dispenser by removing the jar and with the electric motor running, clean out the pollen residue with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air.

Start Up Procedure

1. Start up the blower and warm up the motor
2. Put battery pack on shoulder with the blower unit on opposite shoulder
3. Plug in the power plug to the socket at the back end of dispenser, this can only fit one way

Battery Maintenance

The 12 volt battery supplied has capacity to give a full day’s operation.
Recharge the battery over night with the charger provided. Battery should be charged 3 times during the year when not in use.