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KiwiPollen Duster Pollinating Instructions

Kiwi Pollen has developed a dry pollen applicator consisting of: a motorised air blower, a pollen dispenser and a battery pack.

The blower is driven by 2 stroke petrol engine and delivers a constant stream of air from the delivery tube. Pollen is introduced into the air stream from a small, battery-driven, pollen dispenser.

During flowering, the operator walks or drives through the orchard with the delivery tube pointed into the canopy.

Application Rate
Pure pollen (100%)500 grams per hectare in total; to be applied in one or two passes at 90 - 100% flowering
Diluted pollen (75:25 w/w)667 g of mix (75% pure pollen) per hectare in total; to be applied in one or two passes at 90 - 100% flowering. Note: the added diluent assists pollen dispersal.

Note: - All pollen should be thawed for 1 hour before use at ambient temperature (10 - 20°C). Pollen kept in the field should be stored in a cooling bin and never exposed to the sun. - Dry pollen can be applied any time of day in dry orchard conditions, while the flower stigma is receptive. Damp orchard conditions should be avoided as dampness limits the effectiveness of bees in moving the pollen around.


Walk at a steady speed through the orchard. Aim the blower nozzle upward at the canopy 3 to 5 metres ahead. Swing from side to side to cover the width of the row.

Exact calibration should be carried out by the individual user to take into account variations in augur speed, walking speed, and row width.