Making PollenAid® Aid Suspension

BioPollenAid®Suspension Medium was developed by Kiwi Pollen specifically to meet the
requirements of organic orchards.

The BioPollenAid® is a twin pack mix - one red pack, one white pack

Keep the twin pack BioPollenAid® concentrate in the refrigerator until use

Use only deionised water that has been stored in new food grade plastic drums

Read the label on both concentrate packs

Mix enough BioPollenAid® suspension medium for one days spraying

First, warm the red pack in warm water until the gel dissolves and the product flows.
Add 20 ml red pack per litre deionised water

Shake the white pack to mix the contents well. Add 20 ml white pack to the water-red
pack mix.

Mix for at least one hour before use.

Add the Bio marker dye to the BioPollenAid® suspension medium after the pollen is mixed

If more than 4 g pollen per litre is required, the amount of BioPollenAid® concentrate has to
be increased in proportion (for example, 8 g pollen per litre requires 40 ml of BioPollenAid®
red pack concentrate per litre of deionised water plus 40 ml of BioPollenAid® white pack).