Making deionised water with deminimiser deioniser cartridge

The Deminimiser Deioniser Cartridge is suitable for small scale users. It contains a clear polycarbonate throw away cartridge. To use:

  • Suitable for small scale users
  • Clear polycarbonate throwaway cartridge
  • Simply connect to cold water tap
  • Resin colour change indicates remaining capacity
  • No batteries or power required
  • Flow rates up to 25 litres per hour
  • Approximately 250 litres of water per cartridge (depending on water source)

Water can also be deionised in the larger DeminiMaster and IonMiser ion exchange units. In these units - the exhausted ion exchange resin can be replaced.

Deionised water should have a conductivity of less than 1.0 microsiemens per centilitre.