Organic Male Kiwifruit Pollen

IMPORTANT NOTICE for 2015 : In accordance with BioGro Policy, Biogro now allows the use of non- BioGro certified pollen and PollenAid on Biogro certified orchards. Growers must obtain a derogation prior to use. For this reason, Kiwi Pollen no longer holds BioGro certification.

Kiwi Pollen had been a fully Certified Input Producer from 1999 through to July 2015. From August 2015 onwards , all pollen and PollenAid will still be manufactured according to BioGro standards, though without certification.Kiwi Pollen Organic Male Pollen is sourced and harvested from Biogro certified orchards and is milled and produced according to Biogro’s internationally accredited Quality Assurance standards