Kiwi Pollen first brought the PollenAid® wet spraying technology to the kiwifruit industry in New Zealand and the world in 1991. Kiwi Pollen became BioGro certified in 1995 in order to provide access to this technology to organic growers. A BioGro certified PollenAid® system was developed especially by kiwifruit pollination pioneer Dr Murray Hopping.

The extended flowering of organic kiwifruit orchards makes targeted wet spaying a highly suitable method for applying pollen and achieving better fruit size and high dry matter.

The owners of Kiwi Pollen, Graeme Crawshaw and Jill Hamlyn, have themselves been growing organic kiwifruit in Te Puke since 1991, and certified by BioGro (BioGro # 549) since 1994.

BioGro Requirements . In accordance with BioGro Policy, Biogro allows the use of non-BioGro certified pollen and BioPollenAid® on BioGro certified orchards. Growers must obtain a derogation prior to use. For this reason, Kiwi Pollen no longer holds BioGro certification. Kiwi Pollen had been a fully Certified Input Producer from 1999 through to July 2015. From August 2015 onwards, all pollen and PollenAid® will still be manufactured according to BioGro standards, though without certification.BioGro does not require certification of Kiwi Pollen products. However, BioGro growers must include the use of Kiwi Pollen products in their annual management plan OR acquire a one-off derogation before use. To this end, BioPollenAid is manufatured to BioGro standards.