PollenAid® Mixing Instructions

Correct procedures for mixing PollenAid®

For mixing PollenAid®:

1. Use only deionised water that has been stored in new food grade plastic drums. Water should be deionised to less than 1.0 microseimens per centimitre. Read the label on the concentrate pack.
2. Mix enough PollenAid® suspension medium for one day of spraying.
- Measure the required amount of PollenAid® suspension medium into the Kiwi Pollen mixer.
3. Add the appropriate amount of thawed pollen to the surface of the PollenAid® medium.
4. Agitate rapidly for 10 minutes or until a uniform suspension is obtained.
- Important: Because pollen is a living cell, all of the pollen suspension must be used within one hour of mixing.
5. Add the marker dye to the PollenAid® suspension medium after the pollen is mixed.

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For suspending pollen in PollenAid®:

  • Recommended mixing rates: 4g pollen per litre of PollenAid® (see Mixing Rate Table for more detail)
  • If more than 4g of pollen per litre is required, the amount of PollenAid® concentrate remains the same: 20mls per litre deionised water.

Mixing BioPollenAid® suspension medium:

BioPollenAid® Suspension Medium was developed by Kiwi Pollen specifically to meet the requirements of organic orchards.

The BioPollenAid® is a twin pack mix - one red pack, one white pack . The red pack is not a marker dye. It is part of the BioPollenAid® buffer.

  • Keep the twin pack BioPollenAid® concentrate in the refrigerator until use
  • Use only deionised water that has been stored in new food grade plastic drums Water should be deion ised to less than 1.0 microseimens per centilitre.
  • Read the label on both concentrate packs
  • Mix enough BioPollenAid® suspension medium for one day of spraying

For instructions on how to mix BioPollenAid® please refer to the mixing instructions

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- DO not pump pollen suspension through centrifugal, piston or diaphragm pumps. Pollen is rapidly damaged and dies
- Do not mix in more pollen than can be sprayed within 60 minutes
- Do not let the pollen settle out of suspension
- Do not leave the mixing tank or sprayers at the end of the day unwashed. Wash out all equipment with deionised water. Pollen is protein , and unwashed equipment smells like rotting eggs or fish.