PollenAid ATV Sprayer

PollenAid ATV Sprayer

The Kiwi Pollen ATV Mounted PollenAid® Wet Sprayer; has airshear nozzles which produce a fine mist of pollen spray application rate: we have achieved full pollination in G3 Gold with 500g per hectare every second day in the absence of bees. Effective in the complete absence of bees, and can be used in the rain.
Can be used for full pollination at higher rates of pollen.
• Suitable for larger side by side ATVs, can be modified for medium ATVs
• Footprint Dimensions: 1220mm W x 870mm D
• Weight: 220 kg approx.
• Pollen Concentration: Anything between 200 – 800 grams per hectare
• Tank Capacity: 120 litres
• Boom Width: Adjustable, Max: 3.8 m (outside angled nozzles)
• Boom Height: Adjustable, Min 480mm Max 780mm from ground
• Speed – Full Pollination Per Pass: 1.3 ha per hour (4 km/hour, average row width 4.2m)
• Speed – Top Up Per Pass: 2.5 ha per hour (6 km/hour, average row width 4.2m)

Price on application.

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