PollenAid® Mixer Operating Instructions:

There are two impellers supplied with the mixer.

  • The small white impeller is for mixing 5 litres or less of liquid.
  • The large black impeller is for mixing 5-10 litres of liquid.

The small impeller is attached and ready for use. The large impeller is attached underneath the base near the motor. This can be removed and swapped with the small impeller when necessary.

How to use:
1. The impeller can be attached by pushing on to the motor shaft, until the shaft is flush with the top of the impeller.
2. Attach the large black impeller with the holes to the top.
3. Attach the white impeller with the flat side down.
4. Connect a 12 volt battery with the red battery lead to the positive terminal and the black lead to the negative battery terminal.
5. Add the PollenAid® and Marker Dye to the deionised water first. Then add the pollen.
6. Mix for 10 minutes or until the pollen is in suspension; that is, there is no pollen left floating on the top of the mix.
7. Dry pollen will temporarily float on the liquid surface.
8. Add the Bio marker dye to the BioPollenAid® Suspension Medium after the pollen is mixed.
9. Apply the pollen suspension mix within 60 minutes of mixing.

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