BiopollenAid Red and White

Bio PollenAid® Red and White

Kiwi Pollen BioPollenAid® uses the same technology as regular PollenAid® but is formulated to meet international standards for organic certification.

The BioPollenAid® process maintains the viability of kiwifruit pollen in a water-based suspension so it can be sprayed on to female flowers to set seeds. The more seeds that set, the bigger the fruit will be.

By using BioPollenAid®, flowers can be pollinated during adverse weather, when insect and wind pollination is not possible. The wet spray system has many successes even in heavy rain.
Note: this is a two-pot system. The red and white Bio PollenAid® is used together, and is the organic equivalent of PollenAid®

$30.00 NZD (per litre)

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Mixing and use of Bio PollenAid®

All equipment which contacts the pollen or any liquids used must be clean stainless steel or new food grade plastic.
Pollen in liquid remains viable for 1 hour only.
Hydrated pollen cannot be pumped or subjected to high pressure as the outer membrane is easily damaged.
Keep stored in the fridge

Mixing instructions

1. Warm the red pack in hot water. (Stand the plastic bottle in hot water – It is a gel at room temperature).

2. When it flows, measure 20 mls per litre of water and put into deionised water.

3. Shake white pack to disperse the white ‘powder’. Measure 20 mls and add to the mix of water and BioPollenAid® Red.
4. Mix the BioPollenAid® and water vigorously for 1 hour before adding any pollen.

5. The BioPollenAid® and water mixture can be made in bulk and stored for one day. i.e. Mix enough for 1 days spraying the night before.

6. Measure the amount of mixed liquid required for one hours spraying. Initially use ½ litre per person spraying. In very dense flowers up to 2 litres will be used in one hour.

7. Measure the amount of pollen required for this mix – 4 gr of pollen per litre of liquid.

8. Mix liquid and pollen, vigorously for 10 minutes. Eight to 10 minutes is needed to completely hydrate the pollen.

9. Commence spraying. Adjust the amount of spray until using:

10. Airshear – KiwiPollen PressueSprayer - 1.5gr pollen per 1000 flowers.

11. Kiwi Pollen PollenAid® Dye ™ can be added to the solution to allow identification of sprayed flowers. At a rate of 5mls per litre of deionised water.

12. Spraying in heavy rain has continued to give good results.

13. We recommend re-spraying each vine every third day to spray flowers that are fresh.