Although the pollen harvest season can be intense, the experience can be fun and very rewarding.

Working with us

Before you start work you MUST sign an employment agreement.


We recognise that staff are a key resource within our organisation.  No previous experience required.
We will train staff to ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge required. Management are available and happy to discuss any concerns or answer questions.


Normal work hours will be 7:30am-5pm on fine days (or 9am-3pm if preferred). We avoid working in the rain. Sometimes we can work up to 7 days a week, but we do try to have at least one day off. IRD information can be obtained from Non-resident/offshore individual IRD application form is an IR742.
We pay weekly into your bank account. The pay is processed every Tuesday and in accounts on Wednesdays.

Dates & Roles

  1. End of September – kiwifruit thinning (removing excess flower buds on an organic SunGold orchard). Paid hourly rate.
  2. Start of November:
    1. Pollinating - hand spraying flowers with a mix of water and pollen. The pollen is from male flowers and sprayed on to female flowers. The spray is all food grade non-toxic. Paid hourly rate.
    2. Male flower picking - the pay is piece rate (the more you pick the more you earn; paid on contract per kilogram of flowers picked). Pay rate will vary according to the conditions. You will be given a picking bag to pick into. We will ensure that you will always be making above minimum wage and last year many of our people were earning $30 - $70 per hour. This work is on various orchards in Welcome Bay and Tauranga.
    3. Pollen milling - processing male flowers to extract the pollen. Paid hourly rate.
  3. December, January, February - thinning and vine pruning. Paid hourly rate.

Minimum requirements

  • A New Zealand work/holiday Visa valid for the entire work period
  • A New Zealand bank account number and IRD Number
  • Above 160cm tall (need to reach height of vines 170cm – 180cm from the ground.

Interested? Please fill in the form to the right to get started.