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Kiwi Pollen is seeking male flowers for pollen harvesting.

Our top flower supplier in 2022 banked $4,500 per hectare!

If you have Hayward Green, we can increase your orchard’s income by buying your excess flowers.

Our process is simple; we collect your male flowers, weigh the amount and pay you at the end of the season, or provide a credit to use at Kiwi Pollen. Or, we collect your male flowers, harvest the pollen and sell the product back to you at a discounted rate.

We are seasoned experts when it comes to extracting pollen. Kiwi Pollen has a robust record keeping system and maintains control of flower picking quality. Your orchard will be monitored so that we can move quickly when the male flowers open, preventing the pollen from going to waste.

Kiwi Pollen’s quality process for flower picking includes periodic auditing on the orchard and at the mill, quality grading, and you will be sent a message each day with the total flower weights picked.

If interested, please get in touch with us via phone: 021 089 42040 or email: monica@kiwipollen.com

Click here to view Kiwi Pollen’s Biosecurity Plan 2023


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