Kiwi Pollen Quad Duster

Kiwi Pollen Quad Duster

Kiwi Pollen has developed the Quad Bike Broadcast Dry Application method.

How does it work?
A Kiwi Pollen duster motor is attached to a Quad Bike, with the pollen blowing through up to six adjustable nozzles. Each nozzle can be adjusted by height and width to best suit the rows on each specific orchard, ensuring every flower gets dusted by pollen.


  • Adjust the system to deliver different rates of pollen - anywhere between 250g to 750g per hectare
  • One hectare is easily achievable in one hour
  • Best results are achieved when used with bees
  • The bees redistribute the pollen throughout the orchard, giving the orchardist the best pollination results possible

Please contact Kiwi Pollen for more information regarding using this method of pollen application.

$12000.00 NZD

Price is exclusive of GST and shipping. Price includes fitting to vehicle supplied by buyer at Kiwi Pollen premises.

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NB: ‘smoke test’ was used on dusters for display purposes only