Kiwi Pollen Duster – Hand held - Broadcast

Kiwi Pollen Duster – Broadcast

Kiwi Pollen has developed a dry pollen applicator consisting of a motorised
air blower, a pollen dispenser and a battery pack.

How does it work?
The blower is driven by a 2-stroke petrol engine and delivers a constant stream of air from the delivery tube. Pollen is introduced into the air stream from a small, battery-driven, pollen dispenser. During flowering, the operator walks or drives through the orchard with the delivery tube pointed into the canopy.

Trial work shows that bees in the orchard at flowering time move dry pollen around, increasing the pollination efficacy by up to 100%.


  • You can adjust the system to deliver different rates of pollen; from anywhere between 250g to 750g per hectare
  • Trials in New Zealand show a 30% increase in fruit weight.

When applied at 500 grams pure pollen per hectare for 90-100% of flower open, each application will require 1-2 labour hours per hectare.

$1580.00 NZD

Price is exclusive of GST and shipping

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